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30% Club

Short Term Investing & Trading Club


About 30% Club

What We Do

30% Club

30% club is a private trading club created for short-term millennial investors. Our trading period lasts for six months and our members manage their funds personally.

How We Do It

30% Club

We trade our capital mainly in crypto markets. 30% targeted returns within a six months timeframe, We provide premium research, analysis & trade signals to our club members.

How Risky Is It

30% Club

All investing involves risk, so the club mitigates it with efficient risk management. Our trading strategies and techniques target a compound net-yield on our capital.


30% Club

How does the process exactly work?

30% Club is a six month investment & trading club for millennials; We trade our capital in derivatives and crypto markets.

Crypto is a next-generation asset class, the club helps you navigate profitably in this wild but lucrative market. Members manage their funds personally we just help them trade profitably.

30% Club

What assurances do I get?

 To ensure target delivery, Our trade techniques can range from swing to scalping and our risk management delivers efficiently. The club provides institutional-grade research, analysis, training and trade signals. We employ patience as a strategy and provide the safest recommendations to our members.

30% Club

When and how do I get my investment returns?

Our members manage their investments personally. Therefore members maintain full custody over their funds and can liquidate their investments as and when they feel like. The club does not hold your capital at any point, we just guide you to profitable trades.


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All investing involves risk. Past performance is no guarantee for future results. Members are expected to personally manage their investments.