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30% Club

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About 30% Club

30% Club

What We Do

30% is a digital investment club created for short term millennial investors. Our investment period lasts for three months and required capital is fixed at N100k.

30% Club

How We Do It

We take your capital and trade it in risk-adjusted derivatives and capital markets. 30% accumulated gains within 90 days with trade data access for transparency. 

30% Club

How Risky Is It

We make it low risk as our trading strategy targets a daily % yield on your capital. Investments are held for 90days with a guaranteed cover on your capital.


30% Club

How does the process exactly work?

30% Club is a three month investment club for millennials; We trade your capital in derivatives and capital markets.

[Commodities, Indices, CFDs, Options, Futures, Cryptos etc]. Our algorithmic trade techniques range from swing to leverage and our risk management delivers efficiently.

30% Club

What assurances do I get?

We are a registered company and a subsidiary of a reputable tech company in Nigeria. Trust is our greatest asset and so is maintaining our reputation. To ensure target delivery, 30% Club only takes a certain number of members every quarter and required capital is fixed.

30% Club

When and how do I get my investment returns?

Your investment along with its accrued yield of 30% gets wired into your account within three months. In emergency cases, members can liquidate their investments within two working days or alternatively apply for interest-free loans.

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We accept a limited number of members so send us an application and we will get in touch. Members get access to their investment allocation model and trade data.